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On-boarding new condo residents reduces issues and complaints!
Residents need to stay informed in any residential living arrangement. However, it is essential to help new condo residents to learn as much as possible to prevent future issues or complaints.
05.04.21 01:25 PM - Comment(s)
Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Electronic Vehicle Charging Systems in a condo
Add value to your condo by adding electronic vehicle charging systems. Here is our step-by step guide of installing charging systems into your condo!
05.04.21 01:11 PM - Comment(s)
Improving How Condominiums Are Run
Condominium property owners and boards of directors throughout Ontario are working to find better ways to communicate with condo unit owners to streamline processes and ensure resident satisfaction while staying on budget.
05.04.21 12:53 PM - Comment(s)
Reducing Costs With Mycondolink Virtual Concierge
With Virtual Concierge by Mycondolink, security managers do not even need to be onsite to provide the level of service residents and their guests expect. Virtual Concierge reduces costs, creates contingency, and improves efficiency for your entire property.
17.03.21 01:17 PM - Comment(s)
Make More Money, Build Brand! What is a White Label Partner?

Re-brand our software as yours and empower your business by offering a powerful front desk management, communication, and security management software that offers property and security managers complete control, flexibility and clear visibility, enabling them to connect and pr...

24.02.21 02:59 PM - Comment(s)
Why more condo boards are choosing to lease
Board members want solutions that provide value and the security needed to keep residents safe, secure, and confident in their condos and in the community.
24.02.21 02:47 PM - Comment(s)
Responding to Condominium Maintenance and Repairs
Most condominium associations only manage the common spaces which, in the case of detached condominiums, typically covers: landscaping, trash, snow removal, rotten wood, old paint, roofing repairs and much more.
02.02.21 12:09 PM - Comment(s)
Green initiatives: Reducing condominium utility costs 
By being environmentally conscious, you're positioning your condominium to be more efficient, more competitive in the marketplace, more profitable, and more cost-efficient.
02.02.21 12:02 PM - Comment(s)
2021 Resolutions for condominiums 
Condo managers should act proactively by making wise decisions on how to manage their buildings to ensure that their condominiums will stand out from others; to ensure that they are running a tight ship in 2021, and beyond.
19.01.21 10:29 AM - Comment(s)
Containing the risk of COVID-19 in Condominium Buildings
It is the legal and ethical responsibility of condo managers, alongside the condo board and corporations, to implement measures that ensure a decrease in the risk of the Coronavirus. The spread of this virus is across: condominiums, residents and employees.
19.01.21 10:13 AM - Comment(s)
Red Flags that Dwellers Look For in A Condo
Condo ownership is a tad different from owning a single-family home. In the case of a condo, buyers are taking a kind of shared ownership of the building.
27.12.20 07:35 PM - Comment(s)
Condo Manager New Year Checklist
As you look towards the coming year, what should you consider to improve your chances for success as a condo manager in an increasingly uncertain world?
27.12.20 07:24 PM - Comment(s)
How to handle Condo Security Management without stress
Security is one of the most important aspects of living in a condo. Residents of condominiums are usually very concerned about the security standard of their building.
06.12.20 08:13 PM - Comment(s)
Getting the best from condo Board Members
Every condo board is made up of a group of diverse individuals with different capabilities and roles; the continued success of the condo depends on the combination of their skill sets and expertise.
06.12.20 07:51 PM - Comment(s)
How to prevent stalkers from finding your home 
While most stalkers often have some history with the victims, perhaps as former love interests, partners, colleagues or neighbours; incidences of cyberstalking degenerating into physical attacks have become more popular and incessant.
30.10.20 12:31 AM - Comment(s)
What does an IT services company do?
In today's business environment, every business owner or manager needs to understand the pivotal role IT services play in keeping the business running at peak performance
30.10.20 12:18 AM - Comment(s)
IT security risk management
Security risk management is the best way to protect your property against liability. It helps to identify the risks and threats facing you, your condo and its dwellers.
30.10.20 12:02 AM - Comment(s)
How to save money buying new tech gadgets
Most times, you are looking at your special catalogue of the best gadgets and deals, and at the same time, wondering how you can save enough money to buy them. Talk about conflicting interests!
30.09.20 11:59 AM - Comment(s)
Chief Security Officer or Security Management Solution? Lets Compare

Chief security officers are considered essential staff every Condo should have. Among other duties, they organize and oversee all security details on the premises, mitigate against criminal activities, patrol the property for potential threats and enforce security rules. A security management system...

30.09.20 11:42 AM - Comment(s)
What are the types of security for Condos?
Most Condo buildings have a board of directors or an equivalent group by any other name, such as a council. They ensure the safety and security of all residents within the common elements of the building.
16.09.20 02:15 AM - Comment(s)