Chief Security Officer or Security Management Solution? Let’s Compare

Chief security officers are considered essential staff every Condo should have. Among other duties, they organize and oversee all security details on the premises, mitigate against criminal activities, patrol the property for potential threats and enforce security rules. A security management system, on the other hand, is a security technology that discharges all these duties or enables a better experience with them.

Can a security management system replace a chief security officer, or should they collaborate? Which is more efficient for the modern age property manager? Let’s find out.

360-degree view 

Regardless of how well trained or versatile security personnel are, they can only be at one place per time.  Surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, and other high-tech security management solutions can, however, monitor every angle of the property all at once, alerting residents and staff to dangers that are far from obvious and guaranteeing condo security.


Security officers sleeping at their duty posts or being unavoidably unavailable is a common phenomenon. A security management solution, however, does not observe public holidays, give in to fatigue or attend to urgent calls from home. As long as it is properly managed by experts and maintained, residents and managers alike can live in confidence, rest assured that their security is not compromised. 


Residents may ignore warning letters or act unreasonably with the security officer, but no one argues with technology. Technology will not work if you are not doing the right thing. It will, at best, embarrass you with incessant alarms and warning noise. Parking access, for instance, is much easier to manage with technology, as is entrance control. People without the right access cards or parking codes will not access the Condo. There is no room for confrontations or explanations.

Cost savings 

While security officers have to be paid competitive salaries monthly, a security management software is installed once. The largest expenses are the cost of installation, routine maintenance and servicing which are often far apart and cost considerably less than regular salaries for security personnel. In most cases, chief security officers have subordinates reporting to them comprising the security team. With a security management system, you can reduce your security team significantly, retaining just enough hands to manage the technology. You can even combine the role with other roles to reduce your overhead cost. 


A security management system significantly contributes to the perception prospects have about your property. People feel more secure with the assurance that their security is automated and guaranteed.

On the flip side, security technology may have its downsides and security personnel its advantages. Intuition, for instance, is a benefit only the human touch can give. Technology is also mostly dependent on the right handling to function well. Staff and residents must be trained to use security management software.

With the right technology partners to install, manage your network and maintain the system, you have nothing to worry about. Mycondolink will not only help with installations and network development but will also help with staff training while connecting you with a responsive help desk in the unlikely event that complications occur. You just have to relax and enjoy the ease and reliability of technology security.

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