How to handle Condo Security Management without stress

Condominium Automation

Security is one of the most important aspects of living in a condo. Residents of condominiums are usually very concerned about the security standard of their building. They need the assurance that they can conveniently and safely dwell, arrive, depart, and live in their building without fear of harm or threat.

It is the job of the property manager to ensure that vital security policies, procedures and programs are implemented to safeguard residents, valuable information, and assets from any kind of damage, theft, or loss.

In high-traffic buildings where any little lapse can jeopardize security, the manager is tasked with carrying out his duties with such efficiency that leaves no space for mishaps and mistakes.

Haphazard policies leave space for loopholes which could, eventually, leave you dealing with issues such as; increased costs, possible liability issues, damages and insurance, and reduced resident confidence.

How then are condo managers able to carry out such heavy responsibilities without eventually driving themselves crazy?

Condominium Automation?

The increasing presence of technology in almost all sectors, including real estate, is a testament to its ability to offer varied solutions and benefits with great efficiency.

Integrating the help of IT for condo security helps to eliminate several human tasks by carrying them out in a manner that is easier, faster and much more efficient. For example, the introduction of smart surveillance cameras in a building could eliminate the need for on-site vigilantes.

There are several technological solutions focused on the safety of high traffic residential buildings, such as surveillance cameras, access control, badges & tokens, motion detector sensors, etc. These IT solutions take away most of the stress from the condo manager who can now remotely monitor staff-activity and confirm that everything is in order with the help of a cctv, or an application.

One of the benefits of automation for the property manager is that these tools can be used to strengthen the level of work-place effectiveness, regardless of the condo’s staff strength. Knowing that these tools are monitoring critical points and can be used as incident tracking mechanisms would encourage workers to do their job efficiently.

IT solutions such as alarm systems are also used as preventive security measures, as it is needed to preempt security breaches, malicious activities, and undesired cases such as a fire outbreak etc. 

How to get started with automation 

Getting started with automation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can take the following steps to get your condo security automated;

●  Evaluate and assess the security needs of the condo and decide how much you want to spend

●  Devise a comprehensive policy to cover the above aspects

●  Consult with third party contractors for suggestions, recommendations, and installation

●  Get everyone on board

●  Have the system tested and verified to suit your requirements

With condo automation, the condo manager enjoys the benefits of having a “smart” personal assistant – safety, peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and control.

Take the first step towards ease, request a demo to experience the possibilities.

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