IT Security Risk Management

What you need to know as a Property Manager A condominium can be compared to a small community, committed to satisfying its dwellers by employing specially trained individuals to ensure that they are provided with the support they need at all times and under all conditions. The condo management makes arrangements to provide its residents … Read more

What does an IT services company do?

How important is an IT Team in a condo? In today’s business environment, every business owner or manager needs to understand the pivotal role IT services play in keeping the business running at peak performance. Engaging the help of an IT support company is one of the most effective boosts you can give your business … Read more

On-boarding new condo residents reduces issues and complaints!

Residents need to stay informed in any residential living arrangement. However, it is essential to help new condo residents to learn as much as possible and receive frequent updates on news, rules, and regulations associated with the condo community. Moreover, condo communities that experience a high turnover of residents, especially within a brief time frame, might … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Electronic Vehicle Charging Systems in a condo

Is your condo ready for Electric Vehicles? In Canada, many citizens are taking environmental conscientiousness more seriously all the time. To conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, people have steadily begun purchasing electric vehicles. Similarly, the Canadian government and various bodies like the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) have offered support to facilitate such personal … Read more

Improving How Condominiums Are Run

Condominium property owners and boards of directors throughout Ontario are working to find better ways to communicate with condo unit owners to streamline processes and ensure resident satisfaction while staying on budget. Ontario’s Condominium Act Review, originally launched in 1998 and updated in 2013. Over time the findings raised several important matters related to condo … Read more

How to prevent stalkers from finding your home

Regardless of how commonplace it is, stalking remains a criminal behaviour that is punishable by law. It compromises the victim’s sense of security and often degenerates into physical harm. A stalker is anyone who consistently willfully threatens the safety and peace of another person by contacting them against their will, following them and harassing them. … Read more

Reducing Costs With Mycondolink Virtual Concierge

The world has gotten accustomed to interacting virtually for a wide variety of purposes. While the trend was heading that way already before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has only increased significantly since that time. Recognizing the need for virtual technology in the security industry and the increased comfort level people have with it, Mycondolink has … Read more

Make More Money, Build Brand! What is a White Label Partner?

Re-brand our software as yours and empower your business by offering a powerful front desk management, communication, and security management software that offers property and security managers complete control, flexibility and clear visibility, enabling them to connect and provide outstanding client services across multiple residential buildings.

Containing the risk of COVID-19 in Condominium Buildings

It is the legal and ethical responsibility of condo managers, alongside the condo board and corporations, to implement measures that ensure a decrease in the risk of the Coronavirus. The spread of this virus is across: condominiums, residents and employees.  Living in a condominium complex means cohabiting and sharing common spaces with numerous people within … Read more

2021 Resolutions for condominiums

The new year is now upon us all, and we tend to all have the expectations of a much brighter, better one ahead of us. Due to the many unprecedented challenges faced in the previous year, we remain cautious as to what 2021 will bring us. Property managers have had their whole industry rearranged and … Read more