Safety at home

What home security features should your rented condo have?

Home security should include security hardware that is installed on the condo, catering to regular practices such as ensuring doors are locked, alarms are activated, windows are closed, extra keys are not hidden in obvious places and a control panel implemented to arm and disarm said security system. 

Home entrance security

The lack of a secure entrance system is almost equal to serving an invitation to trespassers. Installing entrance security makes your condo more secure.  Residents are likely to feel much safer and more at home knowing that unauthorized visitors cannot gain access into their apartment. There should be no such thing as free entry to a building. Visitor management procedures must be utilized always and at every entrance, including a record of everyone who came in and out of the building and at what time. 

Security Cameras

Often, the first line of protection for residential apartments is a security camera. With high-tech surveillance cameras, you’re consistently able to monitor the activities of people visiting your apartment complexes as well as the goings-on of these people at these places. This creates a sense of peace and calm for property tenants, assured that if anything happens around the property, solid evidence, and a clear idea of what happened is guaranteed. 

Smoke sensors

A fire situation is one that is best handled as early as possible to reduce casualties and damages, as well as deter flames from spreading rapidly. Smoke sensors detect smoke at the earliest stage and alert everyone in the building of the imminent fire, making it possible for you to respond to the situation faster and notify people so they can all be evacuated safely from the building.

They are usually powered by a central fire alarm system, connected to the building’s power source with a battery backup.  Ranging from individual battery-powered units to several interlinked mains-powered units with battery backup, so that if any unit detects smoke, all triggers go off, even if property power has gone out.

Access control 

This feature limits the people with access to your condo, enabling only authorized people to gain access to the condominium, and ensuring that anyone else cannot get in without tripping the alarm. Residents could be issued a security card instead of a key. This card is swiped to gain access into the building or secured common areas, alongside creating a digital record of who is coming and going, as well as a log of who is in the building at any given time. When lost, a card could be discontinued while a new one is issued.  Proper access control also makes it easier to automatically disable access of renters or seasonal tenants who are permanently leaving, eliminating the difficulty of tracking down keys. 

Intruder Alarm

Alarm systems are a great way to secure your home from burglars. Especially modern alarms, which help in a lot more ways than just guarding your home against intruders. In recent times, intruder alarms have advanced to turning homes into smart homes. High-decibel alarms ensure that a break-in will not go unnoticed. These alarm systems are loud enough to alert neighbours and are installed with the intention and capacity to frighten unwanted intruders.

Condo residents and tenants should be able to arrive, depart, work and live in their building feeling completely safe and secure. To achieve this, comprehensive and integrated home security solutions must be put in place to meet their unique needs.

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