Condo Manager New Year Checklist

Five things every Condo Manager must do before the new year

It’s been an unprecedented year no doubt, with a global health crisis overhauling everything we are used to and forcing us to accept a new normal. Through it all, you have managed to stay afloat and retain your residents and your board. 

As you look towards the coming year, what should you consider to improve your chances for success as a condo manager in an increasingly uncertain world?

  • Prepare for a possibility of extended precautions

As experts continue the search for vaccines and new variants of the virus are discovered in other climes, it is certain that we may not be as close to the end of this pandemic, as we may have anticipated. To be successful in the coming year, it is important that you explore ways to institutionalize the precautions we have had to adopt. Beyond a fleeting set of rules, how can you make hand hygiene a sustained part of operations at your property? As your business benefitted from any aspects of virtual collaboration? How can you keep them going? What if we have to wear protective gear all through the coming year? Do you have a supplier? You might want to factor this into your budget for next year.

  • Security audit
    As the year wraps up, it’s a great time to authorize a thorough check of your security facilities and technology -surveillance cameras, access controls, parking management-the whole works. Early discovery of tools and processes that require an upgrade or replacement might be the key to retaining your residents and attracting new ones in the coming year.
  • Process Audit
    Processes drive every business. If your processes are not effective, you may be posturing to repeat the same mistakes you made this year, next year. Processes like communication channels should definitely not be overlooked. How do you communicate with residents, staff, and stakeholders? Is your manual process prone to error? It might be time to adopt technology alternatives that save you time and stress while reducing errors.
  • Celebrate your stakeholders
    It’s been a difficult year for everyone. While physical gatherings may be prohibited, you can find a unique way to celebrate your staff and residents virtually. Send cards, gift items or good wishes via an innovative means or position a screen in a common area to sing carols and reel out wishes. However, you choose to do it, just ensure you reduce the gloom with some good cheer and show your stakeholders they are appreciated.
  • Take a well-deserved break
    Even if it’s for a day¸ turn off your laptop and soak in the warmth and safety of your family and home. You have big plans for next year and some time off might be just what you need to put things in perspective and recoup for what is ahead.

Got concerns, questions or requirements that are unique to your property’s needs? Tell us about it, we will be glad to navigate and execute your plans for the year ahead with you. Please email or call 647 367 2277.

Happy holidays!

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