Getting the best from condo Board Members

A standout experience for Board Members

Every condo board is made up of a group of diverse individuals with different capabilities and roles; the continued success of the condo depends on the combination of their skill sets and expertise.

It is the duty of the condo manager to introduce and establish sound policies that allow for organized finances and secure communication. Providing board members with a digital experience is a stepping stone to ensuring accountability and good governance.

For the condo manager to succeed at this task, it is critical to have an IT team that is responsive to the condominium’s current needs and projected situations that may arise in the future, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

Leveraging technology to manage interrelationships 

It’s also part of the manager’s role to liaise between the board, committees, staff and residents. Records of condo meeting minutes and financial statements can be kept, organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible to everyone on a platform that is easy to navigate and designed to suit residential standards. 

With an innovative, cloud-based software, it is easy to evolve with the changing demands of the industry to keep stakeholders informed and assured, especially after coronavirus, while also ensuring that the condo continues to thrive, remains secure, and stays competitive.

Technology when used right provides you with the data needed to make informed decisions. With features like one-on-one-customer support and feedback, condo managers and boardmembers can listen to dwellers and anticipate their needs.

This way boardmembers are proactive in maintaining building systems and identifying small problems before they become giant disasters. 

A win-win for everyone

It is more than just a software solution, you get a trusted partnership that helps you smoothly follow up with every member of your condominium, allowing you the time and mindspace you need to focus on providing your tenants an amazing living experience.

Imagine organizing condo activities in a way that board members can be really efficient with their actions and interactions, with the needed time to make meaningful relationships with dwellers on a regular basis.

Besides improving the efficiency of your condo management, saving you time and improving staff efficiency, automating your condo helps every member of the team, residents included to make informed security decisions.

Since it’s almost impossible to rely solely on these technologies without input from human hands.  You still need to have that human experience – a team of skilled and informed IT experts.

You should also offer adequate educational opportunities for board members, residents and staff to keep everyone up to date on the new changes, policies and technologies. 

Luckily, your IT team can help host an educational meeting, giving members opportunities to learn and get comfortable with their new roles.

Curious to see how far this management software can help? Request a demo to see for yourself.

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