Getting the best from condo Board Members

A standout experience for Board Members Every condo board is made up of a group of diverse individuals with different capabilities and roles; the continued success of the condo depends on the combination of their skill sets and expertise. It is the duty of the condo manager to introduce and establish sound policies that allow … Read more

How to handle Condo Security Management without stress

Condominium Automation Security is one of the most important aspects of living in a condo. Residents of condominiums are usually very concerned about the security standard of their building. They need the assurance that they can conveniently and safely dwell, arrive, depart, and live in their building without fear of harm or threat. It is … Read more

Condo Manager New Year Checklist

Five things every Condo Manager must do before the new year It’s been an unprecedented year no doubt, with a global health crisis overhauling everything we are used to and forcing us to accept a new normal. Through it all, you have managed to stay afloat and retain your residents and your board.  As you … Read more

Red Flags that Dwellers Look For in A Condo

Preparing your condo for a Showing  Condo ownership is a tad different from owning a single-family home. In the case of a condo, buyers are taking a kind of shared ownership of the building. Most buyers would want to take the time to consider several factors before making their decision. Some would go as far … Read more

How to Choose the Right Condo Front Desk Management Software: A Guide

Are you wondering how you should go about choosing the right condo front desk management software for you? Read on and learn more here. Condominiums are only increasing in popularity thanks to the benefits they have over typical family homes. From a more community-oriented setting to the various services a condo complex can provide, buyers … Read more

Tips for Easy Condo Management

Looking for help becoming better in condo management skills? Check out our article for practical advice you can easily apply. It is estimated that 73.9 million Americans live in a community run by a homeowners association. The HOA is charged with looking after the units and common areas in a property. Yet, do you know … Read more

The types of condos available in Ontario

When you are looking for a condominium, you may find different options on the market. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the types of condos available in Ontario. There are two main types of condominiums: freehold and leasehold. Freehold condominium corporations Freehold condominiums fall into one of three categories: 1. STANDARD CONDOMINIUM CORPORATIONS When you … Read more

Infestation in Condos

Condominium communities can sometimes play host to unwanted pests, mould or other organisms that can cause harm to both individuals and property. These issues are collectively referred to as “infestations.” Infestation issues can be very serious in condo communities because of the close proximity of units, which increases the risk of an infestation moving or … Read more

Noise and Vibrations in Condos

Noises or vibrations are among the most common issues in condo communities. If you live in a condo, you’re probably going to hear sounds or feel vibrations coming from other units or the common elements. Unwanted noise or vibrations are usually caused by someone else’s behaviour or the design or construction of the condominium Examples … Read more