On-boarding new condo residents reduces issues and complaints!

Residents need to stay informed in any residential living arrangement. However, it is essential to help new condo residents to learn as much as possible and receive frequent updates on news, rules, and regulations associated with the condo community. Moreover, condo communities that experience a high turnover of residents, especially within a brief time frame, might experience more challenges in this important endeavour for condominium corporations and their respective board of directors.

The Challenges of Updating Short-Term Condo Residents

Some condo corporations work with residents who only plan to remain for a short time. People move in with very little knowledge about the building, community, other residents, or the rules that make everything run smoothly. Thereby making the rules less effective if they take the time and effort to learn, recognize, or follow them at all.

These residents might not know how to manage basic tasks according to the board’s rules. They might not know how to take care of their garbage, for instance, having no idea where the green bins are, much less how and when to use and maintain facilities. They might not know what to expect from their concierge. what their guests should do in terms of parking, or how to work the various card readers and fobs currently used to operate and open doors in their units and common areas within the community.

An essential piece of information new tenants need to know is that they should bring any issues involving their suites to their landlord’s attention, as opposed to the manager’s office. It’s much easier for everyone to know the condo corporation’s various contacts to avoid unnecessary disruptions or any confusion of responsibilities. When new tenants know who to call during any issue, it makes life easier for everyone.

Without consistent information updates, condo communities can end up feeling disorganized, hectic, and even unwelcoming to residents and guests. When people don’t know what to do via rules, regulations, and basic information, people might start making up their own, creating a descent into chaos and unhappiness for everyone. You don’t want to experience misplaced garbage or recycling, people parking in other community members’ spots, or treating building maintenance professionals as their personal servants.

Invest In a System That Fosters Information-Sharing With New Residents

Like any business, your condo corporation might need specialized assistance in some areas. Your board of directors might not have the time or information-sharing expertise needed to get all the vital details of your community to your new residents in time to help them settle in without the incidents mentioned above and possibly worse.

At MyCondoLink, we are developing a solution that onboards new residents. The software solution features a video, courtesy of the property manager, plus forms and information to help them adjust to their new living arrangements. Please feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you reach your new residents for a smooth transition, no matter how long they plan to live in your community.