Green initiatives: Reducing condominium utility costs

To run and pay for multiple buildings electricity costs every month typically costs thousands of dollars; especially when you have not taken the necessary steps to decrease your costs. By being environmentally conscious, you’re positioning your condominium to be more efficient, more competitive in the marketplace, more profitable, and more cost-efficient. People are also more … Read more

Why more condo boards are choosing to lease

Home security is important to everyone today, and it is a matter that requires a fair amount of research for homeowners. Now, compound the complexities when trying to provide security for your condominium community. As a member of your condo community’s Board of Directors, you might find yourself working voluntarily along with a group of other … Read more

Responding to Condominium Maintenance and Repairs

A Condominium Manager’s Guide The rules regarding condominium repairs and maintenance are often the same across different condominium associations. Most condominium associations only manage the common spaces which, in the case of detached condominiums, typically covers: landscaping, trash, snow removal, rotten wood, old paint, roofing repairs and much more. To help you with your condominium … Read more