2021 Resolutions for condominiums

The new year is now upon us all, and we tend to all have the expectations of a much brighter, better one ahead of us. Due to the many unprecedented challenges faced in the previous year, we remain cautious as to what 2021 will bring us.

Property managers have had their whole industry rearranged and all very unexpectedly due to the ongoing Pandemic. Having learned from our experiences in 2020 and having dealt with this virus, countries and cities around the world are frantically trying to prepare for the new and exciting prospects that will come with this new year, given that we now have the advent of these new vaccines.

Condo managers should act proactively by making wise decisions on how to manage their buildings to ensure  that their  condominiums will stand out from others; to ensure that they are running a tight ship in 2021, and beyond. Why not start off by checking out a new Condominium Front Desk Software here at MCL we recommend Aquarius. To book a live zoom demonstration of this software click here . We also recommend making sure your IT products and services are living up to your standards. If you want to learn more about our IT products, services and current promotions please click here, or to get an IT quote please click here.

Here is a shortlist of resolutions to help your condominiums thrive in 2021.


●  Are you still accepting rent payments via cheque?

●  Do you still gather  prospects in unsafe spaces during unit tours?

●  What tools do you use to search for new tenants?

These are essential questions to ask yourself as a property manager this year. If the answer  is YES to the above questions, perhaps it is time for massive structural changes.

There has recently been a surge of, new technologies, tools, and services, in the property management industry. These technologies have  made their jobs and lives  easier and it has given property managers more time and many have saved money with these implementations. Some of things you can now set up online are: rent payments, 3D virtual tours, announcements, virtual consultations, and so much more!

IT provides you with an additional set of hands to help you with mundane tasks. It is now possible to have live chatbots on your condominium websites, where there is live engagement with text conversations. These live chats answer your questions concerning residents and prospects as they answer questions to property managers specific questions.

Let’s bring your property management company into the modern world in 2021 by integrating new technologies. 

Integrating new technologies

●  Reduce your workload and your staff

●  Save you and your company money in the long run (find out how)

●  Reduce the spread of the virus with fewer human interactions 


Using the right front desk condominium software technology will boost your buildings  efficiency and reduce the costs of running your condominium, not to mention the desirability to live in your building. Here at MCL we can offer you a fabulous solution for your condominium management needs click here to set up a live zoom Aquarius demo.

Residents can also take advantage of your  software too. In essence a well run condominium with the right software will make your building more desirable to live in. This software can also be used as a great marketing tool. Having the right condominium software will make your job easier and will give you more free time! Your residents will love it and you will save money and time. Some property managers have been known to have enough time after implementing new software, to now take on another building which could mean more money in your pocket!

Another great tool is having a condominium website which provides prospective clients with enumerable information about you, and your services. Newsletters create a platform to advertise condominium deals & discounts to subscribers. It is also a great way to drive more traffic to your website, which is always a good thing!


2021 holds a lot of possibilities, and we cannot know for sure what may or may not happen as time passes, especially with this Pandemic. Condo managers are advised to modify building rules and regulations to require residents and staff to comply with all CDC protocols and government directives when in public areas.

The Condo board also has to decide their next course of action if;

●  A unit owner does not comply with government directives or the building’s rules and regulations are applicable to the current crisis.

●  If exposure is confirmed in the property or if an employee/resident is diagnosed with COVID-19.

The start of a new year often gives people the feeling of a new beginning and wanting to implement changes for a better year ahead is a very common trend. So why not start off the new year with Aquarius Software, along with other IT products and services we can offer you? 

Give yourself the gift of more time by having these things in place for your work and your business. Here’s to a wonderful new year!

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