Condos and Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals have gained in popularity over the past several years, and many owners have begun offering their condo units for short-term rentals either on their own or through short-term rental companies such as Airbnb, Expedia, etc. Short-term rentals can sometimes lead to disruptions and other issues in condo communities as the short-term rental occupants … Read more

Unwelcome smoke and vapour

Unwelcome smoke and vapour are common issues in many condo corporations. Living in a condo community means living in close proximity to your neighbours, where smoke and vapour may travel between units and the common elements.  Unwelcome smoke and vapour can be caused by someone else’s behaviour, or the design and/or construction of the condominium.  Examples of common smoke and vapour issues include: The smoke from tobacco, cannabis, or other … Read more

Vaccination Verification in Condominium Corporations

As of September 22nd, 2021, Ontario Regulation 364/20: Rules for Areas at Step 3 and at the Roadmap Exit Step (O. Reg. 364/20) has been amended to require Ontarians to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination to access certain public facilities in the Province of Ontario. Specifically, Ontario Regulation 364/20 requires that patrons … Read more

10 New Condo Management Tips and Tricks for 2021

If you manage condominiums then you don’t want to miss this post! Check out these new condo management tips and tricks for today’s can’t-miss advice! In 2019, more than 25% of North Americans lived in a community association that included condominium communities. Now, the housing market is seeing another increase as the sales of condos go up … Read more