How to leave your home without the fear of intruders

It is quite natural to feel uncomfortable with the idea of an unauthorized person entering your home without your permission.  An experience with buglers or intruders can be hugely traumatizing, even in rare cases where initial purpose of entry is not theft.

Most burglars are random people looking around for easy targets to take advantage of. They enter through unlocked or unlatched entrances, weak spots, and openings, tampering with locks, broken windows etc.

Although no one intends to make themselves vulnerable to intruders and burglars, simple slips like unintentionally letting in that strange maintenance worker that showed up without notice (this is a common tactic intruders employ to get a sneak-peak of your home), or forgetting to lock the door on your way out can compromise your security. Mitigating against such situations is one of the little ways to protect your environment from the risk of intrusion. 

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders

Have a SOS Plan

If something does happen and an intruder gets into your property, you want to make sure you and your family have a plan. The first step is to call 911 or the local police. You should never confront the intruder unless absolutely necessary. 

Research good guard animals

Dogs are the second best burglar deterrent after CCTV surveillance cameras.  While dogs can also be great family pets, they are great tools for protecting your property from intruders. With the proper training, guard dogs will bark, bite, intimidate, and chase intruders away. Breeds like Bullmastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas are better for property protection than others. 

Motion-sensing Lights Inside and Outside

Turn regular lights into motion sensor lights by switching to motion-sensing light bulbs or by screwing a motion detection adapter in between a regular bulb and socket. This puts a spotlight on anyone loitering around your property, and makes it harder for intruders to move around undetected.

Change locks / Conduct Inventory / Fix Blindspots

Are any of your locks damaged? Could there be extra keys floating around with strangers? Are any of the exterior locks easy to pick, jimmy or bump open? Do the alarms work? If you were not sure the answer to these questions, it is time to re-proof your locks and security system by replacing them with more tamper-proof versions. 

Fake cameras

If you’re truly cash-strapped, fake cameras or signs and decoys advertising a home security system – even if you don’t have one –can keep intruders out. Although this can scare off petty criminals, it is unwise to invest heavily in this method or get accustomed to the temporary relief they provide considering how advantageous and affordable the real deal is. 


Imagine that after a long day at work, you waltz into the door feeling your best, looking forward to a hot bath and deep long rest — only to realize that your lock has been broken, and you just can’t find your deep freezer, or jewelry box. Sounds like a nightmare right?

Security should be prioritized; protect your home, valuables, and peace of mind by taking the appropriate measures that contribute to deterring intruders from gaining access to your property.

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