How to reopen your condo amenities safely

The impact of COVID-19 has so far been unprecedented. Particularly impactful is the pandemic’s impact on the way we function as a society, including our priorities and the kind of support employees we need. 

As amenities gradually reopen, processes must be reviewed for their suitability in these times. We must also consider new ways to ensure the utmost safety and adherence to laid out precautions on every amenity. More than ever, we have a responsibility to help ensure that our residents stay safe, protected and healthy.

Safety first

To aid the smooth reopening of condo amenities and operations, a foolproof plan that prioritizes the health and safety of both residents and staff in an obvious and easy manner is not negotiable. Some things can be done to facilitate safer usage of shared amenities.

  • Enforce and adhere strictly to all guidelines and precautions put in place by the province and health bodies.
  • Effectively communicate these protocols to your patrons, residents, and other stakeholders. Apart from email, consider placing bold posters and other such communication materials conspicuously around the amenity.
  • Draw up an action plan to tackle every situation that might occur with immediate, proactive measures. Prepare for all possible outcomes, including a situation where someone who has recently used the facility turns out to have contracted COVID-19. 
  • Ensure that the association’s legal counsel reviews your plans to ratify that unnecessary risks are avoided, and plans are actionable.

Employee Safety

Creating a productive employee wellness plan comprising corporate wellness programs, personal protective equipment, temperature checks, sick leave, orientation programs, etc. allows employees adequate access to the care they need to stay healthy. 

Condo Amenities safety 

Before reopening amenities, you might need to reassess your cleaning costs and reprioritize. This creates room for additional cleaning and decontamination. After reopening, frequently touched surfaces that are at the risk of contamination contaminated must be disinfected regularly. 

Although there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be contracted through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas, proper maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) is crucial for the safety of condo residents. Amenities must be cleaned at least thrice a day with disinfectant cleaning materials, and staff should be given protective equipment to ensure their safety. 

Condo Residents safety

Residents should be informed about reopening plans with a unified message across all channels. That way, everyone is informed with clear channels to provide updates, send feedback and adapt operations accordingly.

Regular hand washing should be encouraged by keeping washroom facilities stocked with soap and paper towels, so that staff and residents can wash their hands frequently. Facemasks, thermometers, gloves, and sanitizers are essentials as well.


Condos should reopen their amenities only when they are capable of abiding by all necessary precautions. This means navigating a whole new world of social distancing, masking and crowd control as residents and patrons slowly adapt to the new normal. From automated timed sessions to access limits to avoid overcrowding, our condo management software is equipped to make reopening easy for you.

Regardless of the number of amenities or residents you have, Aquarius is versatile enough to aid a smooth opening of your amenities. You can automate your entry and exit management, issue a specified number of passes to residents or timed sessions at the pool or gym while ensuring safety precautions and required distancing.

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