Reducing Costs With Mycondolink Virtual Concierge

The world has gotten accustomed to interacting virtually for a wide variety of purposes. While the trend was heading that way already before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has only increased significantly since that time. Recognizing the need for virtual technology in the security industry and the increased comfort level people have with it, Mycondolink has developed a product known as Virtual Concierge. Our application has already revolutionized services levels for customers, visitors, and residents who receive service using any type of customer service application.

With Virtual Concierge by Mycondolink, security managers do not even need to be onsite to provide the level of service residents and their guests expect. Virtual Concierge reduces costs, creates contingency, and improves efficiency for your entire property.

How Does Virtual Concierge Work?

Our innovative security application allows people to interact with remote operators on a large 4k digital screen located onsite at the property. Staff working as remote virtual concierges or call centre agents can access one of several call centre options to assist the person needing help. Two common examples include placing the call on hold or transferring the call to another party who can offer immediate assistance. When operators transfer a call, important details appear on the screen automatically regarding the location of the property where the caller is requesting help.

Mycondolink’s Virtual Concierge application connects with automated and smart technology to further assist the caller. Examples of these features include:

  • Automated parking using integrated license plate readers.
  • Remote access control to provided immediate authorized entry.
  • Remote security cameras for staff to view a continuous feed of security footage.
  • Smart parcel lockers that allow callers to access self-service options.

We offer several other automated smart technology features that enable you to streamline the operations of your concierge service or other services that provide face-to-face customer assistance. Just let us know your needs, and we will deliver an estimate.

What Types of Industries Could Benefit from Virtual Concierge by Mycondolink?

Property owners of residential condos or commercial plazas have already benefited financially and from an efficiency standpoint by using our Virtual Concierge product. However, industries outside of property management can gain equal benefit. Some of our customers so far include gas stations, banks, malls, hotels, and other types of businesses requiring tight round-the-clock security. Installing Virtual Concierge from Mycondolink allows your organization to offer the human touch that so many people crave these days, regardless of the location of the virtual staff assisting them.

Contact Mycondolink for More Information Today

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mycondolink welcomes inquiries from potential business partners looking to add virtual services to their portfolio of customer-facing offerings. We can also assist residential condo and commercial plaza owners desiring a Virtual Concierge by connecting you with one of our business partners. You may connect with us through this link, by calling 1-888 416 5055, or sending an email to

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