IT recommendations Your property manager should tell you about

As a condo owner, you rely on your property manager for the information you need to maintain and secure your property. A key part of the guidance your property manager should provide is information technology recommendations that will solve environmental, security and communication challenges, thereby ensuring safer living for residents. 

Below are a few pivotal technological possibilities your property manager should bring to your attention;

Enhanced Front Desk Phone Systems

The front desk is a key part of community condos, as it caters to both residents and prospects and can witness a lot of foot traffic, every day. A seasoned property manager would recommend an enhanced front desk phone system that is enabled to automate routine processes, track conversations and deliver a better experience for everyone in the value chain.

Strategic IT Planning

Information technology should be used strategically because it affects everything else. A well-defined strategy begins before the choice of technology software is made. Your IT plan should factor in pre-planned upgrades, software updates and new feature installations for the year. Collaborating with the right technology providers is a huge part of this strategy. Your property manager should recommend technology providers that can provide a personalized approach to your IT needs.

Budget Management

Whether it is a hardware life cycle refresh or infrastructure design and implementation, powering your property with technology requires a budget. Your property manager should recommend budget management software that not only caters to your technology budget but helps you to maximize your budget across the board.

Network Health Assessment IT Audit

A strong network is not negotiable for apartment plazas that want to function optimally. A great way to ensure your network remains strong is to carry out periodic health assessment audits. These assessments will reveal potential risks or hidden bugs that could cripple your IT network if not handled promptly. Your property manager should work with your IT providers to carry out these assessments.

Custom IT Projects

With the advancement of technology and the passage of time, special technology projects would be required. It could be to install a new security system, update a payment system or overhaul your existing parking technology. You should be able to rely on your property manager to recommend such special projects as well as the right technology partners to help see them through.

Every property experiences technical issues occasionally, and sometimes, they could be complicated. A strong technical infrastructure that is firmly in place is the strongest buffer for such happenstances. Mycondolink combines the latest technology with a friendly and highly skilled technical staff to guarantee consistent IT success for your property. Our technical team is trained to provide unparalleled service that is consistent and reliable. Our condo management software has received glowing recommendations from leading property managers in Ontario and other counties.

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