How to catch parcel thieves

Top five technology hacks to keep your condo safe

Home should be a safe place to be; safe from intruders, safe from disturbance and safe from thieves. When looking out for a condo to buy, a secure neighbourhood is understandably a priority for buyers. However, secure communities have been known to experience theft now and then. As a property manager, you must go the extra mile to protect your properties from thieves, leveraging technology. The security technology you choose must be able to prevent the occurrence of theft and make it easy to catch thieves if theft somehow occurs.

Preventing theft

The easiest way to prevent theft is to keep the thief out by securing the entry point and optimizing access management. If your security technology does not offer you the possibilities below, you should consider changing your technology provider.

  • Access control 

Enter into the condo with an access control mechanism that maintains security and integrity, controlling user access in several ways. Whether you require a fully networked solution or stand-alone control for one door, optimized access control is not negotiable.

  • Parking Management 

Parking management ensures security on your property. Thieves are known to hide in parking lots. Your parking management system should enable you to manage resident parking and visitor parking, track vehicle details, and print visitor parking passes. 

  • Intruder alarms

There’s nothing more disconcerting for a thief than endless noise that is bound to announce their presence and intentions. Secure your property with innovative intruder alarms that you can monitor from wherever you are.

  • Commercial locks

Modern locks should not only complement the door aesthetically, but they should also be durable, secure, and easy to install. Learn more about our range of all-in-one locks, which include entrance locks, deadbolts, and more. They offer strength and security for your residential or commercial property.

Catching thieves

If a thief manages to circumvent the security network and access management technology you have installed and succeeds at carting away parcels, you can track and catch the thief with the aid of the equipment below;

  • Security camera

Although CCTV cameras are often the first line of protection for your residence or business, they are still as effective as ever. They provide active surveillance of not just the interior of your property but the exterior and surrounding environment as well. With CCTV solutions that utilize both analogue and digital IP cameras, you can cater to a wide range of security purposes like POS monitoring, theft prevention, automatic number plate recognition and more.

  • Remote Video Monitoring

Remote surveillance allows you to monitor goings-on in your condo from wherever you are. You can view live video from your PC/laptop or mobile phone, with internet access. You can view multiple screens, record images, view archived files to track and catch any intruder.

Round-the-clock control 

With the right technology in place, you can activate round-the-clock control of your property’s security and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. Mycondolink offers best-in-range security equipment and technology guaranteed to provide the desired safety

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