Responding to Condominium Maintenance and Repairs

A Condominium Manager’s Guide

The rules regarding condominium repairs and maintenance are often the same across different condominium associations. Most condominium associations only manage the common spaces which, in the case of detached condominiums, typically covers: landscaping, trash, snow removal, rotten wood, old paint, roofing repairs and much more. To help you with your condominium repairs and much more at Mycondolink we have a great solution click here.

In cases where there are exceptions, they must be laid out in the association’s bylaws. This way, residents are aware and assured that the responsibility of repairs lies with the right party.

A common practice for the condominium board to maintain repairs in the common premises, while tenant owners are in control of the repairs within the units they own. However, the board might choose not to repair areas or items that were damaged as a result of negligence or misuse by units owned by tenants.

This places significant pressure on the property manager who has to oversee the activities of both condominium associations, their staff, and their tenants. One way to make your work easier for you would be to take a preventive approach to your building’s maintenance. This type of approach would mean that you would be regularly and carefully inspecting building equipment to try to ensure that you weren’t stuck having equipment that would break down on you, unexpectedly. To help you streamline your workflow and to help you save time and money try Aquarius.

It is also imperative that you ensure that other things in your building are working well, such as the electricity, HVAC, the plumbing, and as you know, so much more!

You should also put into place a bi yearly appointment in your calendar to have your drains and sewer lines cleaned.  Other areas as equally important to your tenants would be to find a way to control your building pests. Don’t forget to also check the interior and exterior vents, change filters, and give your HVAC system a full checkup each season.

Since it is the job of the property managers to oversee maintenance and repairs, you’re often also in the right position to ensure that both parties that of the condominium association, and the tenants are happy. By clearly defining the duties and responsibilities of the condominium board and residents, you can minimize the risks of future disputes, as no one wants to have to deal with unwanted lawsuits.

 Here are three tips to help you sort through your repairs and maintenance without hurting yourself.


Preventative measures must be adhered to ensure that tenants feel; safe, secure and are not compromised in any way. Make sure all exterior areas like parking lots and garages are well lit and monitored.  Regularly check to ensure all doors and common areas are locked and secure. Consider investing in new technology that can provide better security. We at Mycondolink have fabulous solutions for your security needs click here.


What once was shiny, and fresh can quickly become drab and old looking. Make sure you buy new building materials when they are no longer looking good! The way a place looks is more crucial than ever especially given how many new condominiums are going up in Toronto and the surrounding areas. You want your building to attract new tenants and you have to be competitive so looking better than your competition is vital now more than ever! Some easy and fairly low-cost ways to attract new and existing tenants and to make your building look better would be to have, real plants, new and clean drapes, art, good lighting, beautiful wallpaper and so much more.


Have an organized plan in place for different types of emergencies. Some buildings require that all unit owners maintain an insurance plan as a way of reducing the overall cost of repairs. Be ready to resolve disputes every step of the way, so you have a clear process in place.

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