Why more condo boards are choosing to lease

Home security is important to everyone today, and it is a matter that requires a fair amount of research for homeowners. Now, compound the complexities when trying to provide security for your condominium community. As a member of your condo community’s Board of Directors, you might find yourself working voluntarily along with a group of other owners committed to your community’s maintenance and overall well-being. While time-consuming and stressful, serving to protect your neighbours and fellow unit owners who pay condo management fees, condo Board members work to do what is good and right for all community members. Finding the best strategy to ensure security and appropriate condo community access is one way they do this. 

Why Are Security and Access a Concern for Condominium Owners?

Condominium owners pay fees for several services and provisions, including the opportunity to live in a safe and secure environment. Even the safest neighbourhoods and condo communities cannot deny the world’s reality and the potential for criminals to act anywhere. Sometimes criminals choose areas with higher income and enjoy a higher level of trust, making condo residences a possible target.

Condo boards that offer security and access systems for the owners help create and nurture a confident and upbeat environment where residents don’t need to fear break-ins, burglaries, and robberies resulting in property loss, injury, and worse. If you can’t provide the best security measures for your condo residents, how long do you think they will stay in your community?

The problem isn’t necessarily related to the original cost of a security and access system on its own. The fact is that you must continually provide maintenance and perform upgrades to your system to ensure it is working effectively to protect everyone in your community.

Your property managers and superintendents might not have the knowledge or training to work with security systems, meaning that you have to call in security technicians from the system’s maker or a local expert in the field. In either case, the costs could spiral out of control quickly, depending on how many residents experience issues at the same time or if you need a complete system overhaul.

Here are some tasks you might need to take on to ensure your security and access system keeps everyone safe.

  • Make and maintain a detailed inventory of all security and access systems in your community.
  • Work with any tech-related personnel that performs IT matters for your association. 
  • Find a security vendor to buy and maintain your security and access system. 
  • Determine or learn what is eligible for ongoing maintenance and upgrades and for how long. 
  • Comprehend how various systems are connected to the access control system that allows guests entry, such as video, intercom, and other monitoring technology.

All of these considerations are substantial, especially when you likely work a full-time job and take care of your own condo property while volunteering for the condo Board.

Why Are Condo Board Members Exploring Leasing Options for Security and Access Systems?

Today’s condo Board members increasingly look for high-quality security leasing solutions that come with the added convenience of saving time and money. Board members want solutions that provide value and the security needed to keep residents safe, secure, and confident in their condos and in the community.

Leasing offers these benefits and more, knowing that a security company’s best system will last longer and come with regular updates and upgrades. While leasing might come with a slightly higher price tag upfront, the long-term costs and headaches are well worth it.

Imagine buying a system that only lasts for a year or two, then needing to buy a new one. The cost could become overwhelming. Add the cost of your board possibly being sued by crime victims if your security and access system were outdated, untended, or otherwise faulty.

Take a few moments to explore why leasing a security and access system will benefit your condo community and save your Board members stress and hard work in the long run.

Regular Upgrades at a Reasonable Price

Technology advances daily, and that advancement definitely extends to sophisticated security systems that prevent intruders from entering your community or individual condo units. When you buy a security system, you become responsible for the large majority of its upkeep, updates, and upgrades. When you choose to lease your security system, you can work out a flexible and affordable arrangement that allows for upgrades at any time to align with the current standards.

System Protection

Like all technology, your security and access system could experience internal threats, such as viruses and malware that could leave your community vulnerable on two fronts, virtually and physically. With a security and access leasing agreement with a trusted partner like Mycondolink, discuss ongoing system protection.

Avoid Obsolescence

You’ve probably noticed that obsolescence has become a given in today’s fast-paced world. People might find ways to justify buying a new smartphone every few years, but your Board probably doesn’t want to repeatedly invest in a new security and access system. When you lease your system, you can determine the best path to ensuring a reasonable price for large-scale system changes since obsolete systems will put you back at square one, endangering your community.

We Can Help Your Condo Board Provide Sound Security and Access for a Strong Condo Community

We offer security and access system leasing solutions to keep your community safe without breaking the bank.

Contact us to discuss what you need to protect your condo neighbourhood.

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