What are the types of security for Condos?

Most Condo buildings have a board of directors or an equivalent group by any other name, such as a council. They ensure the safety and security of all residents within the common elements of the building. As an entity, they serve as the governing body responsible for making all major decisions regarding building maintenance, finances, by-laws and security. 
When considering the best practices for your Condo Community you typically don’t think about issues other than a key, key card and a few surveillance cameras. In reality, it is more complicated than this. High-traffic residential buildings have unique sets of requirements when it comes to making security a major priority, due to the high number of occupants, residents, visitors, repair people, domestic help, mail carriers, and delivery personnel coming in and out of the building. 
With the constant parade of different people going to and fro, It is difficult for condo residents to know everyone who lives or work there, and any lapse can put residents and property at risk.By instituting smart policies that stress the need for an established and cooperative culture of security, condo dwellers are encouraged and more willing to take responsibility for their security.

What Kind of Security is for Condos?

CCTV Systems

By installing CCTV cameras in various parts of your condo property, you can monitor the entire property. Although your CCTV camera is only as effective as the person monitoring it, Modern CCTV cameras record the footage in a higher resolution, which can be viewed anytime or used during an investigation.

Security Guards

Security guards are in charge of safeguarding the condo property and maintaining order in and near the vicinity of the property. All the condominium apartments have certain rules and regulations set for the residents. These security guards also make sure that the residents and visitors do not violate any of the rules.

Alarm Systems

It is smart to install an alarm system on every access point of your condo property. Today, a variety of modern alarm systems are available in the market equipped with unique features. Some systems produce a high-pitched alarming sound during an unidentified break-in, whereas some ring an alarm during a fire, smoke, frost, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. Some systems monitor all these situations and notify the security guards when faced with a crisis.

Staff / Employees

Some of your most important assets are your employees, so you need to determine that they are willing to follow all guidelines and operational procedures. Also, employees should carry proper identification and continuously learn about the systems’ updates, changes and new implementations through training or classes.
A robust security system can provide 3-in-1 functionality: video surveillance, communication and entry control to cover any vulnerabilities in the security system. You also get all the tools needed to create a powerful, scalable and cost-efficient security solution that protects your condo community.

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