Why you should automate your security

Automation is a workflow that operates independently without the need for constant human oversight. While humans will continue to play a vital role in security, security automation makes it easier for them to complete their tasks because then, they no longer have to address every alert/threat that comes in.

Security automation detects threats in your environment, determines the course of action to take in response to the said threat, and resolves the issue. More importantly, it does all of these within seconds without requiring any action from staff. That way, analysts can spend their time on other, more critical issues affecting security. It maximizes the value and potential of your best security analysts.

Why is security automation important for Condo communities?

The successful deployment of security automation depends on the decision-makers’ ability to decide when and what to automate. 

Not all security threats would turn out to be legitimate, and without security automation, analysts have to resolve each of these threats manually. By automating mundane tasks, you drastically reduce your incident response and resolution time, enabling you to stay ahead of threats at all times. It allows for growth and expansion in services without having to increase staff headcount.

It introduces benefits for both service providers and customers. Your customers see an improved experience due to consistency in the services provided, improved response times, and in some cases, lower costs. 

Security automation is useful for businesses looking to scale, grow, and expand their service offerings. With the system taking some of the steam, the existing team can serve more customers and cover more services, pushing margins higher while improving the consistency and speed of the service. 

What would automation require?

Many organizations making the shift to security automation will require a significant change in infrastructure, applications, the security operations center, and the IT culture itself. Companies have had to implement a platform that allows them to expand automation, and to ensure compliance with security policies from all involved parties. 

Automation ensures a repeatable, streamlined and auditable security operation process. Features could include deleting or quarantining suspected malware-infected files, performing a geolocation lookup on a given IP address, searching for files on a particular endpoint, blocking a URL on perimeter devices, quarantining devices from the network, among others. 

Save money and time with security automation 

Protecting the enterprise seems like an impossible task, with every day bringing with it news of different security breaches. There Is simply no such thing as 100% security. Too many actors and threats are involved for a company to avoid compromise. Simple human errors tend to occur, varying from overtime labour to failed or delayed service deliveries, extended periods of network downtime, inaccurate data entry, among others. 

Although security automation is limited to known scenarios and a prescribed course of action. It gives security analysts’ enough time to focus on more strategic tasks, like investigative research. 

Asides from being a proactive way to handle security, automation ensures that your business is either saving or making money all the time.

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