Is your mobile phone designed to last longer? Let’s find out

Since the advent of smartphones that do much more than transmitting calls and messages, reliance on mobile phones and devices has continued to grow. With recent events and impact of the pandemic, people have even more reason to rely on their phones. As a property manager, your mobile phone can house your property management tool, while functioning as a personal assistant, bank and more.

It can however be quite a bummer when your battery runs out in the middle of an important activity. Is it possible that your mobile phone was designed to last longer and you are simply not maximizing its capabilities?

How long should a phone battery last?

Mobile phones typically depend on lithium-ion batteries to function. While these batteries are quite easy to charge and maintain, their longevity is dependent on several influences. 

  • Battery age directly impacts on performance. The older the phone, the shorter its battery life. 
  • Get familiar with the official talk time of your device as this gives a near-perfect prediction of how long your phone battery can go between charges. 
  • Consider your application collection. The more applications you install and use, the more work your phone is saddled with and the quicker your phone is likely to drain out.

Why is your battering draining so fast?

  • Your screen is too bright

A really bright homepage may look good but it requires a lot of energy to keep up. Every time you increase your screen brightness, remember that your battery is paying the price.

  • You get endless notifications from countless apps

Every notification you get on your device uses up a bit of your battery. Notifications use up the same energy it takes to deliver IMs, emails, and other messages to you. 

  • You have not upgraded your device OS

Updating your operating system enables the device to shutdown services that are no longer relevant but may still be working underground.

Factors like hardware damage, data-app synchronization among others may also be contributing to the poor health of your mobile phone’s battery.

How can you improve your battery life?

Now that you know how long your battery was designed to go and what has been draining your battery, let’s consider a few tips that can set you on the path to a longer lasting phone battery.

  • Turn on power-saver mode as often as you can
  • Keep your operating system updated
  • Charge frequently in short bursts of time instead of waiting till the battery is almost drained before charging
  • Unplug when your phone is full, 80% is most ideal for a good battery life
  • If you can, turn off your device when it’s charging 
  • Turn down the brightness of your screen

Although hardly in focus, the kind of apps you install can affect your phone health. Free version apps that support ads eventually give your phone more work to do with endless notifications and pop ups. Our condo management app, Aquarius, was built with your device in mind, in addition to easy navigation and other countless benefits. Explore the app here.

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