Work has evolved, have you?

How to increase workspace value during a pandemic

No one could have predicted the events of 2020 or how they will affect the way we work and live. It, however, matters little how prepared or unprepared we were for change, life has changed and we must change with it. 

As a property manager, your business and how you discharge your duties have no doubt been affected. The big question is; have you evolved to create mechanisms for success, or are you still grappling with adapting and hoping this time would pass.

What’s new?

  • Mobile offices

While your office was an important way to make a statement of success just a few months ago, working from your office is no longer the norm. You have become the office, and you can no longer rely on aesthetics for that great first impression. 

  • Virtual Collaboration

You still need to collaborate with stakeholders and carry them along, only that elaborately planned meetings are no longer effective. Beyond periodic video conferencing and virtual meetings, you must develop a communication approach that is always on.

  • Round-the-clock effectiveness

With everyone working from home, the lines that demarcate work hours are significantly blurred. A manual approach to processes and communication will leave you flustered and unable to keep up. Automating and digitizing have become non-negotiable.

Getting it right

The pressure may be intense, but if you make the right choices, you will thrive, pandemic or not. Below are a few pointers to get you going

  • Get the right management software

Your manual method might have served you well, but it will no longer do. It is time to consider migrating to a fully automated, responsive, and comprehensive condo management platform that takes care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on strategy and the other things that matter. From your front desk to routine processes, communication and advertising, Aquarius will take the stress off you.

  • Train your staff to adapt

It’s no longer business as usual, and your team must recognize this. Develop new work models that allow you to supervise tasks, ensure accountability and track progress. They must also get familiar with your new condo management software and the digital approach to work. Platforms like Aquarius are user friendly and easy to learn.

  • Manage stakeholder expectations

Expectations must be properly managed. Timelines may have to shift or processes amended, and the people who will be affected must be aware and on board long before the changes are effected. That way, you can avoid unsavoury situations and unnecessary disappointments.

  • Keep communication lines open

More than ever, your residents, managers, staff, and prospects must be able to reach you. Unfettered access to you assures them of your capabilities and expertise, leading them to trust you to handle ensuing circumstances professionally.

  • Track performance, not attendance

In this new era, the focus must shift from time spent on tasks to how much value you get from tasks. The key is to prioritize the high-value items while delegating or automating the low value, but necessary items that are also time-consuming.

  • Reorganize your time 

You have other priorities outside work such as your family, health, and personal development. Deliberately creating time to manage and respond to these demands will keep you balanced and refreshed.

Not sure what condo management platform will suit your business, let’s tell you about the limitless possibilities on Aquarius. Click here or call (01) 647 367 2277 to request a demo. 

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