Automating your front desk

A good front desk management software should be comprehensive enough to offer you an array of solutions and flexible enough to cater to your needs. If the software you use does not mirror the value an internal IT department would give, you should consider making a switch. Look out for these features;

  • Helpdesk

Software typically requires maintenance and you are likely to require help. Hence, the place to begin is to ensure the software you are going for is well equipped with a responsive help desk. Beyond merely responding to issues, provision must be made for possible occurrences and adequate information provided to manage such occurrences. Maintenance visits and update installations should also be carried out at your convenience.

  • Network and Computer Support

Ensuring the efficiency of interconnected computers in a centralized network is often a function of the front desk which is expected of a good front desk management software. The software you choose should guarantee security while reducing complexity, increasing efficiency and reliability of your network. This will eventually translate to better communication and improved execution of process-related tasks.

  • Computer Building & Repairs

Your front desk software should make it easy to access a wide range of computer repair services in a few clicks. Computers, like other machines, are prone to damage and hiccups and a reliable repair team will provide the peace of mind you need to consistently deliver on your work objectives, without interruption.

  • Cloud Services

While cloud computing continues to grow from being an emerging trend to becoming a necessity for technology forward organisations, all organisations cannot apply it the same way. It is important that your front desk software offers cloud computing, it is, however, more important that it is suited to your network structure and your organisation’s needs. A cloud solution eradicates the need for bulky physical equipment and empowers you to function optimally offsite.

Solve all your front desk management challenges at once

Beyond getting a front desk management software, what would be more beneficial is to get an all-inclusive condo management software that also offers front desk management, among other features. While Mycondolink’s front desk management software is highly recommended, leveraging the latest technology to give utmost value; Aquarius, our smart condo management software is a holistic solution designed with the systems and tools to manage residential communities, providing features that cater to property advertisement, parking allocation, dedicated messaging centre, secure network connection, and a centralized and secure database, among others.

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