Just How Reliable Are Security Cameras?

When asked about the disadvantages of security cameras, most people would mention acquisition cost, the fact that it may not be enough to stop crime, invasion of privacy and the slim chance that it could get tampered with or vandalized. 

For instance, if a criminal breaks into your camera protected home, carts away family jewels and then steals the security video recorder too, leaving in their wake no jewels and no video for the police to catch them. That would be a real tragedy, wouldn’t it?

Now let’s talk about Modern Security Cameras.

The aforementioned scenario is one that could be easily avoided. By simply upgrading your video surveillance suite to a modern system with cloud storage capabilities, the story would be entirely different. 

Modern security cameras are not only equipped with high-quality video capabilities but audio as well. The clear images coupled with flawless sound makes them more efficient than ever at recording a series of happenings even at night. 

Your security camera can provide you with the security solutions you desire. All you need do is invest in the right kind of camera, considering factors like your environment, expectations, storage, night vision lens, size & sensor, quality & output resolution, external influences & location, weather… among others. 

Who is installing your camera?

Another thing you really should consider is the person you’re giving the job to.  We recommend professionals that are experienced and skilled to not only set up a personalised easy-to-use device but also guide you into maximizing your security technology. 

More than just security

If you’re looking for a technologically advanced security solution for your residential community or place of business, the security experts at MyCondoLink can assess your property to identify the areas that are most vulnerable to intrusion.  A compact, unobtrusive alarm system complete with CCTV cameras can be designed to suit your needs, empowering you to enjoy the peace of mind that video surveillance monitoring provides. You are guaranteed a wonderful and completely safe security camera experience.

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