The Ultimate Property Management Checklist

How to excel at property management 

As a property manager, your to-do list is always overflowing with responsibilities. From routine tasks to strategic decisions, a lot depends on you. Grouping your tasks into strategic categories can make it easier to create an ultimate checklist that will position you to work smarter and achieve more quicker.

Categories of Property Management

Four major categories that cover your most recurrent tasks are explored below;

  • Process documentation

Documentation is a major part of a property manager’s job. From keeping records to serving notices, overseeing contracts and initiating evictions, there’s always so much to do. While it’s important to establish the right documentation process, it’s even more essential that your documentation is automated with the right technology. This makes storage and retrieval easier, reduces error and complications.

  • Communication management 

Every property manager is concerned about keeping stakeholders reliably informed. Tenants must be consistently carried along, property maintenance staff and security details should be orientated and updated regularly. Property owners, investors and other stakeholders also expect visibility. To communicate effectively, smart property managers rely on property management software designed to help them manage multiple communication streams effectively.

  • Property maintenance 

Expectedly, property managers are charged with ensuring the properties they manage are in great condition. Maintenance requirements range from routine tasks like ensuring adequate security and environmental hygiene to major projects like unit repairs and upgrades. Managing these running tasks effectively requires technology that makes it easy to hire and pay the right resources, communicate expectations effectively and document outcomes appropriately.

  • Property marketing 

Getting the word out is another crucial part of a project manager’s duties. Attracting and retaining the right tenants as well as positioning the community as a prime location top the list. With the right software, property managers can leverage data and insights to deploy targeted emails and other forms of digital marketing to achieve their objectives.

Are you maximising technology?

Essentially, the choice of the right property management software to use is the single most important choice every property manager must make. With the right software, pitfalls typical with manual processes can be avoided while managing time and resources effectively. This software must offer a robust bouquet of features, easy to use and understand, as well as flexible enough to accommodate unique requirements.

Discover Aquarius

Our condo software, Aquarius, not only solves the pertinent challenges most property managers encounter, but it also opens to them a world of possibilities they never imagined existed. With Aquarius, property managers can work smarter, focusing on the strategic thinking required to manage properties and create revenue opportunities, as opposed to expending time and energy on routine tasks. From automating logbooks, securing databases, to unit profiles, parking management, incidence reporting, email marketing and more, Aquarius completely takes the stress out of property management.

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