Work has evolved, have you?

How to increase workspace value during a pandemic No one could have predicted the events of 2020 or how they will affect the way we work and live. It, however, matters little how prepared or unprepared we were for change, life has changed and we must change with it.  As a property manager, your business … Read more

Why you should automate your security

Automation is a workflow that operates independently without the need for constant human oversight. While humans will continue to play a vital role in security, security automation makes it easier for them to complete their tasks because then, they no longer have to address every alert/threat that comes in. Security automation detects threats in your … Read more

Cyber-attacks to watch out for this year

One of the few downsides of technology transforming the world is the advent of cyberattacks. The Condo management industry is not left out, as most Condo management businesses are in the early stages of automating their processes, securing their network, and prioritizing cyber safety.  What is a cyber-attack? A cyber-attack is a targeted series of … Read more

How to reopen your condo amenities safely

The impact of COVID-19 has so far been unprecedented. Particularly impactful is the pandemic’s impact on the way we function as a society, including our priorities and the kind of support employees we need.  As amenities gradually reopen, processes must be reviewed for their suitability in these times. We must also consider new ways to … Read more

How to cultivate and foster Customer Satisfaction for long-term success

Focusing on Customer Service Benefits Everyone In today’s competitive environment—set on an increasingly global stage—more business leaders than ever are coming to understand the massive value of championing customer service. Forbes reinforced this standard in 2018, reporting that 73% of organizations that provide above-average customer service policies perform better than their competitors. (1) Further, 96% of customers … Read more

How to leave your home without the fear of intruders

It is quite natural to feel uncomfortable with the idea of an unauthorized person entering your home without your permission.  An experience with buglers or intruders can be hugely traumatizing, even in rare cases where initial purpose of entry is not theft. Most burglars are random people looking around for easy targets to take advantage … Read more

Popular cybersecurity threats to condo managers

Sophisticated cyber-attacks involving malware, phishing, cryptocurrency, machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others, have continued to place the data and assets of corporations, governments, and individuals at constant risk. Cyber-attacks keep evolving, with new variations and techniques unveiled every year, as hoodlums try to benefit anyhow they can from vulnerable business systems. If you have … Read more

What are the types of security for Condos?

Most Condo buildings have a board of directors or an equivalent group by any other name, such as a council. They ensure the safety and security of all residents within the common elements of the building. As an entity, they serve as the governing body responsible for making all major decisions regarding building maintenance, finances, … Read more