The Ultimate Property Management Checklist

How to excel at property management  As a property manager, your to-do list is always overflowing with responsibilities. From routine tasks to strategic decisions, a lot depends on you. Grouping your tasks into strategic categories can make it easier to create an ultimate checklist that will position you to work smarter and achieve more quicker. … Read more

Just How Reliable Are Security Cameras?

When asked about the disadvantages of security cameras, most people would mention acquisition cost, the fact that it may not be enough to stop crime, invasion of privacy and the slim chance that it could get tampered with or vandalized.  For instance, if a criminal breaks into your camera protected home, carts away family jewels … Read more

Safety at home

What home security features should your rented condo have? Home security should include security hardware that is installed on the condo, catering to regular practices such as ensuring doors are locked, alarms are activated, windows are closed, extra keys are not hidden in obvious places and a control panel implemented to arm and disarm said … Read more

Automating your front desk

A good front desk management software should be comprehensive enough to offer you an array of solutions and flexible enough to cater to your needs. If the software you use does not mirror the value an internal IT department would give, you should consider making a switch. Look out for these features; Helpdesk Software typically … Read more

How to catch parcel thieves

Top five technology hacks to keep your condo safe Home should be a safe place to be; safe from intruders, safe from disturbance and safe from thieves. When looking out for a condo to buy, a secure neighbourhood is understandably a priority for buyers. However, secure communities have been known to experience theft now and … Read more

IT recommendations Your property manager should tell you about

As a condo owner, you rely on your property manager for the information you need to maintain and secure your property. A key part of the guidance your property manager should provide is information technology recommendations that will solve environmental, security and communication challenges, thereby ensuring safer living for residents.  Below are a few pivotal … Read more

Work has evolved, have you?

How to increase workspace value during a pandemic No one could have predicted the events of 2020 or how they will affect the way we work and live. It, however, matters little how prepared or unprepared we were for change, life has changed and we must change with it.  As a property manager, your business … Read more